Well Jalops... as someone with a disability (a real one!), I finally had it with seeing yet another jerk blatantly disregard other people's rights and disabilities all in the name of laziness.

Once again, I pull into a parking lot for a morning meeting at a local coffee shop and witness the worst offender of all... Mr. or Ms. Murano illegally parked right smack dab in between two handicap spots. Why is this worse than illegally parking in an actual handicap spot? Because by doing this you are potentially preventing someone with a disability to access their car entirely (unless going through the trunk is an option but that's pretty tough with a wheelchair and legs that don't work). And in this particular case you are preventing possibly TWO people from accessing their cars or even parking there!

In the picture shown, that person not only prevented me from parking in that perfectly good parking spot on the right, they were also potentially preventing whomever was in the Camry from getting into their car (the Camry did have a legal permit). Now if the flip side of this happened, (if they parked there and my car had already been in that spot on the right), which would have prevented me from accessing my car.... well you might have seen some fireworks. And believe me, it wouldn't have been the first time. Sometimes I like when that happens only for the fact that I will for sure encounter the jerk due to the fact that I can't even leave the space until they come out. You can imagine I always have a few choice words for them. The best part is when they try to argue with me... Really? You're going to argue with someone in a wheelchair about illegally parking in a handicap spot because you were too lazy to walk an extra 50 feet? REALLY!?


Anyway, back to today... in typical fashion, I posted this pic to Facebook titled, "another day, another asshole" and of course many of my friends liked and commented on it with suggestions and other clever ideas of how to implement payback on captain assclown. The problem is, every solution- while temporarily gratifying- only creates another problem. Park behind them? That blocks the rest of the driveway and makes me just as bad as them. Let the air out of their tires? Well, now they will be preventing people from parking in those spots even longer!

The best and most practical solution- calling the cops or a tow truck- almost always results in the person leaving well before either of those show up because they, "were only there for a minute". The most classic excuse in the book by the way- yet it is still never a valid excuse.

So, I decided to take things into my own hands by writing a simple inquiry to the Atlanta Police Department facebook page. Is it possible, I asked, to send someone a citation for this blatant violation based simply on my picture? I then gave a good reason as to why this would be a good idea and now I wait. To ensure I had a better chance of getting a response, I shared this on my timeline and requested that instead of people "liking" the pic I had already posted (which was approaching 50), to go like my post on the APD page instead.

This is the justice and payback I am looking for... picture how great would it be to see the look on someone's face when they open their mail and see a picture of their own disgusting laziness and a nice $500 fine? Personally, I think it would be priceless. I am also pretty confident they won't be doing it again either.


I am sure there are reasons why police departments writing tickets after the fact is not possible but here are my arguments for it and against it:

1. Someone like myself documenting these instances takes the burden off of the police force who then can focus on more important crimes (like why Doug DeMuro is driving an automatic CTS-V wagon)
2. Eventually as people start receiving these tickets in the mail and have to pay these fines, 99% of them will stop being so lazy. This leads to...
3. More of these lazy people parking farther away from their destination which means more exercise! Soon, Americans will be healthier than ever just by parking on the other side of the Walmart lot!


1. None
2. Okay fine... here's one- everyone and their brother will become a vigilante cameraphone cop. Maybe so, but in this case, the evidence is all there- the license plate gives officers everything they need and it's pretty irrefutable! It's not like taking a blurry picture of a complete stranger not picking up their dog crap in a park.

That's where things stand now. So I'd like to ask all fellow Jalops out there (especially those in law enforcement) to-
1. tell me why this can't work
2. go like the post and let's get this viral! I'd love to hear an answer from them either way. And who knows, maybe it will invoke some change in the system...